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Update Time, Yes

One last final to go. So far my grades are:

Hist A
Cult Anth A

So, I'm pretty ecstatic, since I'm pretty much guaranteed A's in my other two classes.

Sonoma trip was amazing. The trip there was long, but Josh and I managed. We ate horribly. Lots of gas station junk food. Stuff that isn't even on the food pyramid. Once we arrived in Rohnert Park (Sonoma), we ran to the performing arts center. We got there minutes before Rebekah's play started. Watching Romeo and Juliet after a 7 plus hour road trip is pretty much torture, but I managed to stay awake, barely. Afterwards, I finally was able to meet the lovely Rebekah in person. Soon after, we jetted over to Safeway (ha ha, Safeway) and got healthier food. Yumness.

That night we watched "Head". I won't go into detail, but that movie pretty much rocks my socks off. And it was entertaining watching it with drunk people. The following day, Josh spent the majority of the day beating a video game he made for Rebekah, titled the "Chronicles of Reb", when he was 16. It was mildly entertaining. No, I lied, it pretty much made me die of laughter. Anyways, after that ordeal, we partied like it was 1997. Fun times. Beer pong was played. People laughed. Wine was drank. I, of course, being the Russian I am, stuck to vodka.

Saturday, we sadly parted with dear Rebekah and set off to Josh's home town. Met up with another one of Josh's friends, named Goat. Actually, his name is Brian, but Josh insists on calling him Goat, for which reason I am unclear about. Anyways, we had a super time. Then, later, Josh and I jetted to Lauren's house, where we stayed the night- and I actually slept on a bed! Yay. Then, alas, Sunday morning we set out around 11 AM, and arrived back into the hometown around 5. It was a much quicker trip.

I miss Nor Cal now. And I never thought that would happen. It's the people mainly.

Man, I wish California was smaller.

I, I, I...

I have somewhere to live next year!

I finished both my essays!

I am mostly prepared for my econ final!

I am leaving for Sonoma on Thursday!

I love life right now!


Essays BAD

I need to write my essays!! I'm even practically prepared for my econ final, but those essays are dragging me down.

I hate essays.

I'm going to be so relieved after school on Wednesday!



I am horrible with respect. It's one of, if not the, worst character default I have. It's comes in close with me being too clingy. I've always favored loyalty and trust over respect, but I know others don't. So, I need to work on it. I decided this is going to be one of my goals for this summer.

Learn to be more respectful.

Leave people alone more.

I do have other goals as well, but they are more academic and superficial. As far as academics goes, I want to manage at least a 3.0 this summer to get back into good academic standing with UCSB. Physically, I want to look more fit and be more healthy. This involves working out often and eating healthier. Also, a tan wouldn't hurt.

I have no life

I'm at school, in between my Hist and Soc class, which means I have two hours to kill. And I'm not even hungry. And Josh doesn't want to talk to me on the phone. And Rebekah is going to call him instead of FB chat with me. And Shasta got off MySpace. And life is boring.

I can't wait to be over with all this- school, boredom at school, and just the monotomy of it all. I can't wait for it to be summer, my trip to Sonoma, Sun God, moving, UCSB, turning 21, and everything else. I can't forget my upcoming rave adventures either. I'm so excited for everything.

Also, good news, my parents are going to co-sign a student loan so I can pay off some debt. They wouldn't approve me on my own- which is bad considering my credit must have been better when I was 19 than now. I'm getting somewhere between 3-5k in order to pay all the minimums over the summer and pay a couple off entirely- Target and Best Buy are first on the list to go. I'm so excited. This just better happen ASAP because I owe WaMu 98.58 Wednesday and FirFin 123.00 on the 5th of May with only 8 dollars in my bank account. Fun times.

I can't wait for these next two weeks to be over. Sonoma trip on the weekend of the 10th. Hopefully we're leaving on the 9th. Hopefully I have gas money. Hopefully Josh can go. Hopefully my leg doesn't die of overuse from the clutch. Ha.

Well, I think I am rambling now. As if I wasn't before. I am thinking of downloading all the episodes of The Riches, I really like that show, but I always miss it and forget to turn the DVR on. I think I should wait until after school is out though. I have to write a 5-8 page paper for both Hist and Cult Anthro. Fun times. It shouldn't be too bad, actually. I just need to get a start on it ASAP. I only have a week and a half left, after all.

Time to be bored with other things.

Apr. 24th, 2008

Best/Worst of my week

Best new obsession: Gossip Girl
Best (favorite) song: "Hot Hot Sex" by CCS
Worst emergency: Plans being canceled
Worst task: Loosing my text book, the only one I use
Best task: Ending the hard part of my week
Best food eaten: Top Hat
Worst dream: Me no remember
Best conversation/quote:
David: "Its beyond words, why and how, but you just do its like, how do sperm know how to go to an egg? how do dogs know how to smell fear?"
Sara: "umm ok"
David: "how do women know to run from me? THEY JUST DO!"
Best outfit: Today, teal sweatshirt, teal shirt, light jeans
Best hope: To see Josh tomorrow, when he gets back instead of on Saturday
Worst blond moment: Leaving my book in class last night

Fuck Unity, I Love You

So, in the end, I choose to remove Unity and stick with Love. I think Love is the foundation of the PLUR ideals anyways. Without Love you don't often find meaningful Peace, Unity, and Respect.

So, to make things clear, I am wearing:


The end. <3


No More Peace

This was a substantially harder decision. In the end I choose to leave behind Peace. I know, I'm crazy right? But Unity and Love are very important to me and I feel they go hand in hand. We already live in a world that lacks Peace, for the most part. I'm just recreating that world, I guess.

So here's what is left:


Goodbye Respect

I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that I decided to remove Respect first. I have never been a huge admirer of it. I believe that qualities such as loyalty and trustworthiness greatly outweigh respect and I'd rather see these two qualities in my friends than have their respect.

So, I have left:

Until tomorrow <3.



I decided to wear my raver beads this week. But, with a twist. I am going to, starting tomorrow, remove one of the PLUR kandy each day. By the way, for those not in the know, PLUR stands for for the four raver beliefs: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. So, each day I am going to decide which belief is the least important to me and remove it. I'll let you guys know as I decide.

In other news, I miss Josh. But it's only four more days. I can survive. I think. We'll see how I am by Wednesday.

PS: Only four more weeks of school!


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